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MM Foundation Community Service Award

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In 2017, Paul Tokarz handed a $10,000 check to the school that shaped his life from adolescence to adulthood. Before entering financial services, Tokarz was a student at Notre Dame College Prep, and went on to become the director of enrollment at the school. He now volunteers on the executive board, plans events, and fundraises for scholarships and student programs. As a Community Service Award (CSA) winner, Tokarz has been recognized by the MassMutual Foundation for his volunteer efforts with a grant to help him serve his alma mater. Tokarz, an advisor with Hoopis Group in Chicago, says one of the most rewarding aspects of his involvement in the school is raising money for the Burke Scholars Program, which provides tuition assistance and specialized education for students with cognitive disabilities. “Winning the award isn’t about me; it’s more about how I can help the special needs kids at the school,” Tokarz said.

About Foundation

Peter Hoopis, general agent, expressed his pride and appreciation for Tokarz’s efforts, both at the firm and at Notre Dame College Prep. “Paul does so many things right in this business, and this is another tremendous accomplishment for him,” said Hoopis.

Tokarz appreciated the recognition from the MassMutual Foundation and encourages qualified candidates to apply in 2018.

Each year, the MassMutual Foundation awards grants to qualifying advisors for their community volunteer efforts. The CSA donated a total of $225,000 in 2017 in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

Having the support of the MassMutual Foundation says a lot about our business, when an organization can fund a cause you care about deeply, applying is a no brainer.

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